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Weisen Li

Weisen Li (Prof. in Economics, Fundan University)

Weisen Li is a Professor in Economics at Fudan University, Shanghai China. He was the Deputy-Dean of School of Economics at the University for many years and currently he is the Director of the Research Institute of Economic Thoughts and Economic History at Fudan University. He holds B.A in Economics in Shandong University, a Master’s Degree of the ANU and Ph.D. in Economics of the University of Sydney. Professor Li has wide research interests including institutional economics, comparative institutional analysis, language of economics, ethics, anthropology, jurisprudence and history of legal systems, Austrian economics particularly thoughts of Friedrich A. Hayek.

He published over 15 books and a range of articles in both Chinese and English. He also translated many English books of institutional economics, game theory, legal theory and political sciences into Chinese. He is a columnist of the Wall Street Journal (Chinese), FT (Chinese) and other leading Medium in China