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欢迎来到第六届Hawkins Wright上海研讨会,2018年3月15日

由 Hawkins Wright & Brian McClay联合举办的第五届纸浆研讨会已于2017年3月16日成功举办。大约380名参会人员齐聚上海雅居乐万豪酒店,共同聆听了一场高水平的关于中国纸浆及纸张的讲座。现在,所有参会代表都可以下载此次会议的演讲稿。大家可以通过联络:tom.wright@hawkinswright.com获得登入信息。本次会议使得各位买家和卖家在一周参与了各类会议,大家的情绪也非常高涨。



Charity fundraising for the PaperSeed Foundation

The PaperSeed Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening educational opportunities for children and young people in underserved and resource-lacking communities around the world. PaperSeed seeks to create lasting impact, well after the organization has ceased to be directly involved, by granting seed money to community-based organizations with leaders who have demonstrated an ability to run sustainable, long-lasting initiatives. We are grateful to CellMark, who underwrites all operating and administrative expenses for the foundation, thus allowing 100 percent of donations to directly benefit innovative leaders, entrepreneurs, and projects that strengthen and/or remove barriers to education. Learn more at